Legal Pedophilia

May 23, 2009

I saw a while ago, a woman who went on national television basically to say that she had fallen in love with a 14 year old and he had fallen in love with her.  They had even gotten married, she homeschooled him herself, she “didn’t mind supporting him.”  They eventually got divorced.  But she thought he was her “soul mate.”  I’m sorry, but that’s called pedophilia, plain and simple, pedophilia.  Teachers get arrested every last time when they have sexual relations with students who are the same age when the teachers are actually younger.  And he was 14, so it means his parents actually gave consent for the marriage in the first place.  What is wrong with that kid’s parents!  When a 40 some odd woman wants to marry your 14 year old child or have sexual relations with your 14 year old child, what is wrong with you saying go for it!  But honestly, people have been arrested multiple times for the same thing, because it’s weird, it’s sick, it isn’t right.



May 22, 2009

I believe that soulmates exist, but not in the sense that Natasha Bedingfield talks about. I believe there is someone that you meet that you need. I believe that there is someone that you meet, feeling at that moment like you have known them forever. I believe that there is someone for everybody that turns into a special and exclusive type of friend, because that kind of friendship and understanding goes both ways. I believe they have a certain window into your soul that others really don’t, and so we can feel in some ways like it would be like the song. But from experience, I have found that it never works out like that. Sometimes they are the sex that you are not interested in, and in that case obviously you aren’t going to believe that you are in love with them, or at least not usually. But if they are the other type of sex, then you may mistake it for the person you want to marry. But eventually, it always works out that you don’t achieve that result, but rather a lifelong friendship that really is amazing nonetheless. It’s not like you are missing anything or losing anything. You are gaining something that is better with that particular person. But if one or both of you start out believe that, then it can hurt for a while when one of both of you figure it out, because it always hurts if you spend enough time under that belief. I could see how it would be easy to make that mistake, after all, I did. And it took me quite a while to get to the point where I was okay with it and where I realized how it was. During that time, we still remained friends, we were still always together, some people thought we should have been together together, and we still had something you really only find once in a lifetime. But we had figured out that being together was something that wasn’t meant to be.


May 21, 2009

I think I feel sorry for transgender people, but not for the normal reasons that seem to be popular these days.  I feel sorry for the way society looks at them.  I feel sorry for the discrimination they go for, because even as just a minority in general, I have suffered through discrimination in so many ways, and I can’t say it’s fun.  So I can relate, but at the same point in time I can’t relate.  I can’t say that I know what it feels like, because it’s a different kind of discrimination.  But I feel bad for them.

I feel bad that they feel trapped in the wrong body.  I feel bad that they feel out of place not only in their family as many of us do, not only in society in general as some of us do, but in and of their own body.  I mean the way people treat gay people, it is hard to be gay.  But the way people regard transgender people is even worse.  It’s disgusting and reprehensible to say the least.  But I mean at the very least, couldn’t you feel empathy for a person because they are suffering in general?

Facebook Popularity

May 20, 2009

I just had about 20 different people add me on Facebook who I’ve either never met before in my life, don’t remember, or don’t really care to remember or know, though for some unfortunate reason, I remember them all too clearly at this time.  Some of them had mutual friends with me.  So I had to ask our mutual friend who the crap these people were, and some of them were explained to be little high school kids or college kids who were in some kind of contest with their friends, whether spoken or not, to get the most Facebook friends.  I am way too old for these things.

I mean that’s one of the few benefits of Twitter.  I think I like expressing myself in a few random words here and there.  But realistically, I figure if people find my random thoughts interesting, and sometimes there’s about 50 a day and sometimes there’s none, they can follow me and I don’t have to actively reject them or ignore them if I either don’t want to follow them or don’t want to be friends with them.  I just let them follow my random thoughts and reply to me in ways that I can read or not read.  Though I have blocked one person from following me, they don’t know I don’t think.

But seriously, with Facebook, it’s this huge popularity contest, and I just hate the fact that years later, when I would like to think of myself as an adult, I have to deal with random little kids in some kind of weird contest adding me as well as people who frankly made my life miserable in high school or at best had no idea who I was or at least acted like they didn’t.  I have too many friends to keep track of on that site as it is.  Why do I need more that I don’t recognize or don’t like?

stick With What You’re Good At

May 19, 2009

There’s that saying of “stick with what you’re good at.”  And for me, I find it ironic at times.  I have the tickets to prove that I am a perpetual speeder.  The largest one is pretty large, and the most common one is for going about 15 miles over marked as 9 so that they could have me do traffic school, which works for me.  It’s a vice, and it’s one that cops of course consider to be “dangerous.” 

But the irony of the situation is, and this is something that is somewhat unique to me, I’m not afraid of what I will to do other people in my car, but rather what they will do to me.  It sounds harsh, it sounds bad, but it’s true.  When I speed, they say it saves you only seconds.  They say going 10-15 miles over literally saves you seconds in the average commute.  But realistically, those seconds are all I need.  For me, those seconds make a substantial difference.  It’s luck, a curse, whatever you want to call it, but it happens.

When I go 10-15 over, I end up getting where I’m going.  Occasionally, I get pulled over and ticketed.  But I do that to myself.  So no big deal.  It sucks to pay the ticket, but that’s life right.  And really, all my tickets are for speeding.  But those seconds make all the difference for me.  When I speed, I may get a small ticket.  But those seconds are a big deal to me.  They take me seconds out of situations where I would’ve otherwise been possibly injured with my car definitely smashed.  They take me out of situations where I get stuck in a car pileup, where I get stuck in the areas with dirty cops who pick someone at random it seems.  So the way I figure it, I’ll take speeding.


May 16, 2009

You know, I think it shouldn’t be such a social stigma when people sue companies for discriminatory practices.  I mean not every case is actually legitimate.  But even those that are not provable are sometimes based on reality, and I don’t really think it’s fair to automatically assume that those people suing are just jerks or just greedy or don’t deserve their fair day in the spotlight and getting job promotions.  It’s not fair to assume they aren’t smart, haven’t earned their place, haven’t earned promotions that they are somehow not getting.


May 15, 2009

I can’t say I ever liked unions.  I mean they had their time when the conditions were so bad and they lobbied for safer conditions, better work environments, etc.  They were great back then.  But now it seems that they have gone way too far and also gone into corruption and greed.  Now they have guys who have barely graduated high school or not graduated at all making more than many college graduates.  I’ve even heard figures as large as $80,000 a year.  I mean I’m all for people making a descent amount for manual labor, it’s hard.  I’m all about people being protected from losing their jobs when they get sick or not having to work in bad environments and so on.  But protecting a worker who is too lazy to do his job, because he has a union membership, that is too much.  Paying someone who might have graduated high school $80,000 a year for a manual labor job essentially, that is going too far and it is driving many companies under.  I mean honestly, there is a line.

Texting And Twitter

May 14, 2009

How do you mix up texting on your phone and Twitter?  I mean my parents are both technologically retarded.  But they’re not that bad.  I mean even on the iPhone or Blackberry, it is a separate application that you have to go into in order to post!  It’s not that hard.  And yet an Attorney General for the state of Utah apparently does not understand this concept.  Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has recently been on the boat of saying stuff like well I’m not sure I’ll run and crap like that.  He was apparently trying to text somebody when he sent a tweet to 1600 followers saying “$2 million will be a snap!”  I mean everybody makes mistakes and all, but how exactly do you do that?

I’m Not Average

May 13, 2009

Why is it that men always buy every woman the same things! I mean they think we all want the exact same things! I really want to know why that is, because it’s annoying. It’s like in some sense, they know I’m not the average anything, and yet they insist upon treating me like some stupid little girl whenever they feel like it. They get all huffy about they can’t afford to buy me all these expensive things. Who asked?!?!?! I didn’t. I don’t want expensive things from a guy, I don’t care to get them. I don’t need a fancy ring, fancy jewelry all the time. I mean if I want a nice car or a nice this or a nice that, I will buy it for myself. And if the jewelry is extremely expensive, it scares me a little, and it seems tacky to me. And then they insist upon buying all these red and pink roses. Red roses are nice, but they’re so common, and unlike every apparently stupid little girl out there, I hate pink! It’s not so hard. I mean if they got me purple roses, they would be better than good, they would be seriously great, and they would be rewarded accordingly. But only one guy has ever figured that out. Why? He did it, because he liked to get me things or do things I actually liked. But that was only when he couldn’t get calla lilies, and he even got lotus’ once, fake ones, but lotus’ that you really don’t find at florists, which is why ya. But I just don’t understand why it is so hard to figure out that not all of us like the same stupid things.

Prisoners of Birth

May 12, 2009

Sometimes I think we’re prisoners of birth. By this I mean we get no choice. We are born into certain financial circumstances, we are born into our genders or sexes, we are born into certain places, certain times, etc, and we become prisoners of birth. Granted, it’s now easier than it has ever been before to earn more money and make yourself another person. But at the same point, is it fair for some to have to do it while others don’t. And if you grow up in certain neighborhoods, because of your birth, you see a lot of things and go through a lot of things, growing up faster than another child in a different part of town might. But we don’t get the choice. We don’t say well I don’t feel like being born into that. It is all about our parents’ choices. And let’s face it, parents don’t have children to be great parents and take care of another human being. They have children to see a little mirror of themselves, to have someone that will love them regardless of what they do, at least in the beginning. Parenting is selfish just as we say choosing not to parent is selfish.