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The Latest Fashion Accessory

March 27, 2009

Why is it that kids have become the latest accessory, kids from third world countries to be exact. I mean in Hollywood, it seems like everybody now has an adopted child or is talking about it like it’s a style thing. A safe diet pill is a fashion trend. A purse is a fashion piece, shoes are a fashion piece, a child is not a fashion trend. I mean I’m sure celebrities are just as capable of being good parents as the rest of us. They are also just as capable of screwing up a kid’s life as the rest of us. They have more money to hire a nanny to do all the parenting for them. If you’ve ever watched Mommy Dearest, that’s really messed up. But I mean honestly, adoption is supposed to be about the kid. Madonna wasn’t doing anything illegally when she adopted the child David or anything like that. But was it right? I don’t know. I mean is he really going to be better off raised by her than his natural parents, his natural father? I can’t say that’s true in any case, except of course those where the parent is dead or is a drug addict or something. Being from a third world country does not mean that you’ll grow up horribly. Angelina Jolie, it seems like she’s collecting kids as fast as she can. It could be because of some other needs or it could be because she just loves kids. I really couldn’t say. But you hope it’s for the right reasons. The first time, it seemed nice. I mean her dad obviously busted the top open on that one. But she was trying to keep it a secret so she could have time to actually bond with the child, before exposing him to the public. It just seems like more parents with these kids are putting them out in the public eye, whereas with their own children, a lot of celebrities seem to try to protect them more, keep them out of the media all together, keep cameramen away from them. Like I said, I may be wrong on why they do it. But Madonna definitely didn’t put her first child out there like that. A pair of shoes, a safe diet pill bottle, a purse, those are all fashion accessories. But a child isn’t.


Everything’s Green!

March 21, 2009

They seem to produce everything green these days, and by green I mean environmentally friendly. They produce electricity, womens socks, children’s toys, paper, cameras, music, everything green. John Mayer has his very own green studio that uses solar energy, or maybe that’s Jack Johnson. Anyway, the whole world is going green except of course conservative states like Utah. They’re holding out on us, because global warming and taking care of your surroundings is all a liberal conspiracy, or didn’t you know. There are even some people taking green jobs when they have worked other jobs their entire lives. There is one Kate Kritcher who apparently had a BA in psychology, which basically means low end government jobs, if that. If you want to be a serious psychologist you have to get a PhD essentially speaking. Kritcher therefore started testing out jobs as an environmental educator, volunteer coordinator, etc. So she went back to earn not a masters, but another BA in environmental studies.
But with just a bachelors, apparently your world opens up in the green community. Obviously you can produce clothes like womens socks without a degree. But Kritcher now works for a consulting firm that provides state governments and occasionally the federal government assessments and permits for building projects. So who knew? And working with the government, you’re likely to have a pretty stable job, which is nice, especially in this economy. So it’s a considerable thing to suck it up, get a bachelors, and go for a green job rather than any other job, because you can get it with a relatively low level of education all things considered. You could probably get it with an associate’s degree in all actuality.

How To Deal With Problems

March 9, 2009

So we were talking the other day, my parents and I, and we were discussing terrorists and really terroristic leaders like Kim Jong Il and Saddam Hussein among others. Granted, I’m not a particularly violent person, not violent in the least actually. But we were discussing how Kim Jong Il likely doesn’t dare leave his country, even though he and the king of Cambodia are good friends, because if somebody had the chance, he would be taken out. And it’s the truth. When you get a psycho like that, they have multiple imitators and guards and all that. Hitler had tons of dummies that would play his part in huge things, and sometimes there would be assassination attempts. That’s the nature of the business.
Anyway, talking about this, I came to the conclusion that, though I couldn’t say for sure that I would do it, I could honestly say that were I given the chance to take him out, whether by using a sniper gun or taking him down with something as simple as men’s ties(and by this I’m talking about Kim Jong Il), I might have to seriously consider it. I mean this is a guy who has killed and terrorized thousands of people, and here you in theory have the chance to get rid of him once and for all. Granted he has announced his successor as his youngest son, who is even crazier than he is. So I can’t say how productive it would actually be. But still. Then again, I’m relatively sure I wouldn’t actually have the guts to do it, especially if I had to use men’s ties or some really risky procedure like that where he could easily turn it on you in a second. And all things considered, especially if in Cambodia or some other country of his buddies, you would be hunted down and all that. But it’s an interesting thought.
And realistically, for the armed forces sniper that eventually gets a chance and takes it, well it’s more reasonable then. It’s actually their job at that point. I really wouldn’t feel right doing something like that. I can’t even smash a spider for god sake. I know, I’m a wuss. But it’s one of those things that you say feeling all brave and heroic, and then you think about it and say well that might not be such a great idea after all.

life, work in order to play

March 2, 2009

I am currently missing time with my dogs, because i’ve been at work all the time!  Then again, I’m missing time with my friends too.  But what do you do, you have to pay the bills, pay taxes, all that stuff.  And right now, the aim is to get ahead of my bills, so even after taxes I might be able to afford a trip to san diego for the upcoming paramore concert.

Job Search

March 2, 2009

We are all checking free web directories lately for a job or extra jobs. Our salaries are being cut, we are being laid off, and there are very few companies actually hiring anymore. Companies like Monster are making more money than ever, because there are more people perusing their sites, desperate to deal with the falling economy. Some have stores of money saved up for just such a time, but others are falling farther into debt due to a sudden loss of the job that was helping them live only paycheck to paycheck. Big companies like Macey’s, Microsoft, and Caterpillar are even laying thousands off. But there are a few companies that won’t be laying off anybody any time soon for different reasons.
You won’t see jobs at any of these companies coming up in free web directories any time soon due to the economy. So you won’t be finding a job there any time soon if you weren’t already hired there before. But not firing people gives some an advantage.
The first of these companies, Cisco, already cut 3000 jobs last year. But holding $27 billion in available funds now, Cisco has now found itself relatively recession proof. A second is Visa. It acts mainly to transfer funds, not to offer consumer credit. When a consumer does not pay therefore, they are not actually the ones at risk. They are only the middle man. Apple is a third, because to lay off people would be for Steve Jobs to admit he made some bad business decisions. So therefore Apple would not be as perfect, safe, and foolproof as he wants it to appear. They only market their own products, buying out no other companies, and they actually have $24 billion in extra cash and securities, adding to this every quarter. Apple is always working to introduce new and improved products, even in a recession, which may create its ultimate success. Each of these companies has not debt but actual billion dollar savings, and they do not make unnecessary purchases or acquisitions, preferring to instead produce all of their own things. But then again, this is why companies like Costco are also so successful.