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We are all checking free web directories lately for a job or extra jobs. Our salaries are being cut, we are being laid off, and there are very few companies actually hiring anymore. Companies like Monster are making more money than ever, because there are more people perusing their sites, desperate to deal with the falling economy. Some have stores of money saved up for just such a time, but others are falling farther into debt due to a sudden loss of the job that was helping them live only paycheck to paycheck. Big companies like Macey’s, Microsoft, and Caterpillar are even laying thousands off. But there are a few companies that won’t be laying off anybody any time soon for different reasons.
You won’t see jobs at any of these companies coming up in free web directories any time soon due to the economy. So you won’t be finding a job there any time soon if you weren’t already hired there before. But not firing people gives some an advantage.
The first of these companies, Cisco, already cut 3000 jobs last year. But holding $27 billion in available funds now, Cisco has now found itself relatively recession proof. A second is Visa. It acts mainly to transfer funds, not to offer consumer credit. When a consumer does not pay therefore, they are not actually the ones at risk. They are only the middle man. Apple is a third, because to lay off people would be for Steve Jobs to admit he made some bad business decisions. So therefore Apple would not be as perfect, safe, and foolproof as he wants it to appear. They only market their own products, buying out no other companies, and they actually have $24 billion in extra cash and securities, adding to this every quarter. Apple is always working to introduce new and improved products, even in a recession, which may create its ultimate success. Each of these companies has not debt but actual billion dollar savings, and they do not make unnecessary purchases or acquisitions, preferring to instead produce all of their own things. But then again, this is why companies like Costco are also so successful.


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  1. Marie Says:

    But it’s getting somewhat better lately. some companies are even growing.

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