Everything’s Green!

They seem to produce everything green these days, and by green I mean environmentally friendly. They produce electricity, womens socks, children’s toys, paper, cameras, music, everything green. John Mayer has his very own green studio that uses solar energy, or maybe that’s Jack Johnson. Anyway, the whole world is going green except of course conservative states like Utah. They’re holding out on us, because global warming and taking care of your surroundings is all a liberal conspiracy, or didn’t you know. There are even some people taking green jobs when they have worked other jobs their entire lives. There is one Kate Kritcher who apparently had a BA in psychology, which basically means low end government jobs, if that. If you want to be a serious psychologist you have to get a PhD essentially speaking. Kritcher therefore started testing out jobs as an environmental educator, volunteer coordinator, etc. So she went back to earn not a masters, but another BA in environmental studies.
But with just a bachelors, apparently your world opens up in the green community. Obviously you can produce clothes like womens socks without a degree. But Kritcher now works for a consulting firm that provides state governments and occasionally the federal government assessments and permits for building projects. So who knew? And working with the government, you’re likely to have a pretty stable job, which is nice, especially in this economy. So it’s a considerable thing to suck it up, get a bachelors, and go for a green job rather than any other job, because you can get it with a relatively low level of education all things considered. You could probably get it with an associate’s degree in all actuality.


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