The Latest Fashion Accessory

Why is it that kids have become the latest accessory, kids from third world countries to be exact. I mean in Hollywood, it seems like everybody now has an adopted child or is talking about it like it’s a style thing. A safe diet pill is a fashion trend. A purse is a fashion piece, shoes are a fashion piece, a child is not a fashion trend. I mean I’m sure celebrities are just as capable of being good parents as the rest of us. They are also just as capable of screwing up a kid’s life as the rest of us. They have more money to hire a nanny to do all the parenting for them. If you’ve ever watched Mommy Dearest, that’s really messed up. But I mean honestly, adoption is supposed to be about the kid. Madonna wasn’t doing anything illegally when she adopted the child David or anything like that. But was it right? I don’t know. I mean is he really going to be better off raised by her than his natural parents, his natural father? I can’t say that’s true in any case, except of course those where the parent is dead or is a drug addict or something. Being from a third world country does not mean that you’ll grow up horribly. Angelina Jolie, it seems like she’s collecting kids as fast as she can. It could be because of some other needs or it could be because she just loves kids. I really couldn’t say. But you hope it’s for the right reasons. The first time, it seemed nice. I mean her dad obviously busted the top open on that one. But she was trying to keep it a secret so she could have time to actually bond with the child, before exposing him to the public. It just seems like more parents with these kids are putting them out in the public eye, whereas with their own children, a lot of celebrities seem to try to protect them more, keep them out of the media all together, keep cameramen away from them. Like I said, I may be wrong on why they do it. But Madonna definitely didn’t put her first child out there like that. A pair of shoes, a safe diet pill bottle, a purse, those are all fashion accessories. But a child isn’t.


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