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Who Was Betty Crocker?

April 28, 2009

Who was Betty Crocker? She wasn’t the old housewife you would think of treating her kids’ acne, baking home cooked meals, cleaning house, wearing the fashions of the time for mothers, etc. In fact, Betty Crocker wasn’t even a woman. The Washburn Crosby Company of Minneapolis, now part of General Mills, or at least as of 1928, received thousands of requests each year in the 1910’s and 1920’s for baking advice and answers. So this in mind, they created a name so that it would seem more personable, Betty Crocker. What you wouldn’t necessarily know is that the name actually came from a retired executive of the company, William Crocker. They thought “Betty” was personable, and they had a company secretary sign the letters, who had won a contest among female employees.
In 1924, they officially started a radio debut cooking show. This show featured 13 different actresses across the country and eventually became a national broadcast. They finally circulated a portrait, giving people the idea that Betty Crocker was a real person. They actually took all the women in the company’s Home Service Department, combining their faces into one. This imaginary woman became the second most famous woman, second only to Eleanor Roosevelt. She officially became younger in 1955, and her face changed various times over the years. She became a professional in 1980, and in 1996, she became multicultural. You would think that after all this, the notion that she was a real woman would be quashed all together.
The thing I find most ironic about this whole thing is that the basis for her creation wasn’t even created around a woman. She wasn’t a housewife, a wife, a mother(which now would be the equivalent of a soccer mom)attending to all her kids’ needs like acne and puberty, she wasn’t any of those things, partly because she wasn’t a real person, and partly because the name didn’t even technically come from a woman.



April 18, 2009

Recently, it’s been like the Catholic church has decided they need some kind of revival. They are losing younger members in droves. So what do they do, they start offering prizes in church, following the example of some Baptist churches who have rock bands, basically trying to appeal to a younger demographic. This isn’t going on so much in Europe or South America as the United States. Some Americans actually don’t like the pope as much, while Europeans have some kind of healthy respect for him. Maybe if the ministers and so on were to wear the best ties according to the populations, they would get more numbers. Small changes are often the most effective. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past them to do that at this point. They’re pretty desperate. I was under the impression that most Catholics just went on holidays anyway. But apparently their numbers there are dwindling as well. On the other hand, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is growing by 1.63% every year, as Jehovah’s witnesses are gaining 2.12% every year. Mormons apparently now make up the 4th largest religion in the United States, a surprising number considering past history. It could be said that their members are allowed to wear the most popular and best ties, bishops and such do the job because they are dedicated, officials are allowed to have families, etc. Or it could be said that many of these churches have widespread and frequent missionaries. The Mormon church has essentially every 19 year old boy going out for 2 years, and who hasn’t been approached by a Jehovah’s witness missionary or heard their knock on your door. Eventually, if you knock on the most doors, you will logically see the greatest results. But then there are some ideas so radical that you will only get those bull goose looney individuals even knocking on every door in America. Or it could be said that people are looking for something new. Many churches in the decline have been around the longest. So people are more familiar with it and don’t think it’s right. So why not turn to something entirely different. There goes logic again.

Bigger Airline Seats

April 16, 2009

No, they aren’t creating bigger seats that would give us all more room to wiggle and shake and all that. United Airlines is enstating a new rule about the passengers. Basically if you spilll over into someone else’s seat, cannot put the armrest down, or if you can’t buckle your seatbelt with an added extension, you have to change plans. Ie, if there is no one seated beside you, you’re fine, you’re good, you’re golden. if someone is and there is a seat next to an empty seat, you will be moved there. But if not, you get to pay for an extra seat on that plane, or if there is just not enough room period, then you have to wait for the next plane. You can refuse this, and then they will refund your money. But they do it for the sake of other users. Can I just say thank you!

Why Are My Dad’s College Buddies Adding Me On Facebook?

April 15, 2009

It’s weird. It’s weird when you go onto your facebook account to find a facebook friend request from your DAD’S BEST FRIEND! Or his college buddy or something! I mean I have a hard enough time accepting people I went to high school with who I hardly knew, don’t remember, etc. I feel bad for them, so I do it. But this is just weird. I know he doesn’t mean anything by it, but honestly it’s weird. It gets even more weird when his best friend and then his wife proceed to add me too. It’s just weird for me to see real adults on facebook, and it freaks me out a little. I mean my dad is so technologically handicapped he couldn’t figure it out if he wanted to. i thought all adults at that age would be at least old enough not to want to be on facebook, even if they figure it out.

The Sex Joke At Christian Weddings

April 8, 2009

Wedding ceremonies are big things. The bride always goes in for a facial, gets her make up done, gets her hair done, usually loses weight before the big day, no matter how skinny she already is, buys some eye cream that may or may not actually work, stuff like that. But why is it that Christians like to joke about sex during those ceremonies? I mean here I was thinking it was supposed to be a joyous occasion, not because they get to have sex if they’ve waited till the wedding day to do it, but because two people who you hope love each other are getting legally married.
I mean I’ve never done it with my friends. We usually go to our friends’ weddings and we are there to be happy for the fact that they have decided they want to get married, spend their lives together, blah blah blah, not make lame jokes about sex. I mean if someone were making jokes about her wrinkles and lack of eye cream, dress, make up, hair, or his suit, hair, etc. we would without question consider it inappropriate and rude. But for some reason, for Chrsitians, joking about sex is just fine. It’s even considered standard to some degree. How does that work?
So for those Christians who tend to do this and other people who tend to do this alike, grow up. If you want to break dance at the reception, because you think you can when you actually suck, go for it. But in terms of the ceremony itself, have some respect. Just because you’re sexually frustrated or waited till you were married does not mean it’s an appropriate think to joke about right then. Another time, yes. Like at a dinner after they’ve been married for a while, I know people who do that all the time, to their faces. It’s almost expected. But at the ceremony, come on!

Celebrity Facebook

April 6, 2009

It would be awesome to see a real facebook for major celebrities of certain types. I mean everybody has a facebook page these days, their histories just seem somewhat….incomplete without them. I’m talking about Steve Jobs, Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King Jr, Thomas Jefferson, IM Pei, I realize some of these people are dead yes. But wouldn’t it be cool? I mean obviously they’re not going to say something boring like, “Steve Jobs is pulling on his women’s socks this morning.” It would be more like “Steve Jobs has just revolutionized the Apple iPod once again. Twitter might be more like “Can’t wait for the new update.” Hillary Clinton might be facebook friends with Obama, even though in real life you know they’re not. And for those celebs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Andy Warhol who still are alive, they have much more important things to do I’m sure. But I’m actually surprised that others like Rush Limbaugh don’t have it. I mean Limbaugh and Hannity seem to love to hear themselves talk. So why not love to hear themselves or read themselves twit or bring themselves to every part of the world, including Facebook and Twitter so you realistically cannot get away from them. That would be the point right? And then there’s some like God and Satan that are more in theory than anything else. But wouldn’t it be interesting to see a profile.
And I’m sure that those dead celebs and live ones wouldn’t leave lame or cheesy statuses like “Elvis Presley just stepped on his own blue suede shoes. Damnit.” Without question, I would laugh. I would probably be rolling on the floor a little. But Elvis for one was hot. He was always with a different woman it seems, before he died anyway, and that would just be too weird if he said crap like that. However, I would really like to see one from the creators of South Park or South Park characters. I’m sure there would be something funny and weird like something about women’s socks that I can’t think of right now. And there would be for sure something about you killed Kenny or other variations of that phrase.