Celebrity Facebook

It would be awesome to see a real facebook for major celebrities of certain types. I mean everybody has a facebook page these days, their histories just seem somewhat….incomplete without them. I’m talking about Steve Jobs, Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King Jr, Thomas Jefferson, IM Pei, I realize some of these people are dead yes. But wouldn’t it be cool? I mean obviously they’re not going to say something boring like, “Steve Jobs is pulling on his women’s socks this morning.” It would be more like “Steve Jobs has just revolutionized the Apple iPod once again. Twitter might be more like “Can’t wait for the new update.” Hillary Clinton might be facebook friends with Obama, even though in real life you know they’re not. And for those celebs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Andy Warhol who still are alive, they have much more important things to do I’m sure. But I’m actually surprised that others like Rush Limbaugh don’t have it. I mean Limbaugh and Hannity seem to love to hear themselves talk. So why not love to hear themselves or read themselves twit or bring themselves to every part of the world, including Facebook and Twitter so you realistically cannot get away from them. That would be the point right? And then there’s some like God and Satan that are more in theory than anything else. But wouldn’t it be interesting to see a profile.
And I’m sure that those dead celebs and live ones wouldn’t leave lame or cheesy statuses like “Elvis Presley just stepped on his own blue suede shoes. Damnit.” Without question, I would laugh. I would probably be rolling on the floor a little. But Elvis for one was hot. He was always with a different woman it seems, before he died anyway, and that would just be too weird if he said crap like that. However, I would really like to see one from the creators of South Park or South Park characters. I’m sure there would be something funny and weird like something about women’s socks that I can’t think of right now. And there would be for sure something about you killed Kenny or other variations of that phrase.


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