The Sex Joke At Christian Weddings

Wedding ceremonies are big things. The bride always goes in for a facial, gets her make up done, gets her hair done, usually loses weight before the big day, no matter how skinny she already is, buys some eye cream that may or may not actually work, stuff like that. But why is it that Christians like to joke about sex during those ceremonies? I mean here I was thinking it was supposed to be a joyous occasion, not because they get to have sex if they’ve waited till the wedding day to do it, but because two people who you hope love each other are getting legally married.
I mean I’ve never done it with my friends. We usually go to our friends’ weddings and we are there to be happy for the fact that they have decided they want to get married, spend their lives together, blah blah blah, not make lame jokes about sex. I mean if someone were making jokes about her wrinkles and lack of eye cream, dress, make up, hair, or his suit, hair, etc. we would without question consider it inappropriate and rude. But for some reason, for Chrsitians, joking about sex is just fine. It’s even considered standard to some degree. How does that work?
So for those Christians who tend to do this and other people who tend to do this alike, grow up. If you want to break dance at the reception, because you think you can when you actually suck, go for it. But in terms of the ceremony itself, have some respect. Just because you’re sexually frustrated or waited till you were married does not mean it’s an appropriate think to joke about right then. Another time, yes. Like at a dinner after they’ve been married for a while, I know people who do that all the time, to their faces. It’s almost expected. But at the ceremony, come on!


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