Bigger Airline Seats

No, they aren’t creating bigger seats that would give us all more room to wiggle and shake and all that. United Airlines is enstating a new rule about the passengers. Basically if you spilll over into someone else’s seat, cannot put the armrest down, or if you can’t buckle your seatbelt with an added extension, you have to change plans. Ie, if there is no one seated beside you, you’re fine, you’re good, you’re golden. if someone is and there is a seat next to an empty seat, you will be moved there. But if not, you get to pay for an extra seat on that plane, or if there is just not enough room period, then you have to wait for the next plane. You can refuse this, and then they will refund your money. But they do it for the sake of other users. Can I just say thank you!


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