Recently, it’s been like the Catholic church has decided they need some kind of revival. They are losing younger members in droves. So what do they do, they start offering prizes in church, following the example of some Baptist churches who have rock bands, basically trying to appeal to a younger demographic. This isn’t going on so much in Europe or South America as the United States. Some Americans actually don’t like the pope as much, while Europeans have some kind of healthy respect for him. Maybe if the ministers and so on were to wear the best ties according to the populations, they would get more numbers. Small changes are often the most effective. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past them to do that at this point. They’re pretty desperate. I was under the impression that most Catholics just went on holidays anyway. But apparently their numbers there are dwindling as well. On the other hand, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is growing by 1.63% every year, as Jehovah’s witnesses are gaining 2.12% every year. Mormons apparently now make up the 4th largest religion in the United States, a surprising number considering past history. It could be said that their members are allowed to wear the most popular and best ties, bishops and such do the job because they are dedicated, officials are allowed to have families, etc. Or it could be said that many of these churches have widespread and frequent missionaries. The Mormon church has essentially every 19 year old boy going out for 2 years, and who hasn’t been approached by a Jehovah’s witness missionary or heard their knock on your door. Eventually, if you knock on the most doors, you will logically see the greatest results. But then there are some ideas so radical that you will only get those bull goose looney individuals even knocking on every door in America. Or it could be said that people are looking for something new. Many churches in the decline have been around the longest. So people are more familiar with it and don’t think it’s right. So why not turn to something entirely different. There goes logic again.


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