Adoption In China

A new law enacted in China is actually allowing people to adopt one more child without incurring the extra taxes or anything else previously involved with having more than one child, or 2 if you are a farmer or something of that nature. This is probably because the orphanages are filling far too fast, and many children, especially girls, have been exported due to international adoptions. This is leading to quite a few boys being without wives and they are saying that it could lead to large gangs of men and so on and so forth, in short a lot of problems. But this new law is surprising some. Families are rushing to their local orphanages to adopt, which has been frowned upon in the past in certain Asian countries, just as illegitimate children and so on were frowned upon in the United States in earlier years. The more surprising part however, parents are rushing not to adopt infants or babies, but to adopt older children. These are teens ready for their first acne treatment in some cases. In other cases, they are 8 or 10 year old children, even 5 year old children in some cases. It could be speculated that they are doing this, because they want servants or slaves. But there are some speculating it is something else entirely. These people may well be interested in having children as slaves and so on. But apparently, that’s not the reason that they are adopting right now. Instead, they are suggesting that many parents gave their children up as infants, because of the one child policy. But now, they are rushing back to claim the children that are actually theirs. Now that is an interesting development. There are some that are saying that whether these children are 4, 5, 8, or ready for their first or last acne treatment, they are often going under the conception that this was always the intention. It was always the intention to have them taken care of when times were hard, but then to eventually come back for them. You have to hope that none of these kids figure out the truth that their parents couldn’t have possibly known that something like this would develop, let alone before they reached adulthood. But for those kids who might be told this kind of thing and believe it, this is certainly interesting.


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