The Hands of Karma

Isn’t it beautiful? Karma always comes back to bite you in the ass. No matter how long it takes, and sometimes it does take time, it always comes back, and it’s actually almost always quite accurate and in a sick and sorted way beautiful. I hate to be the one to say it, but it’s true. Sometimes, it isn’t exactly what you expected. But then again, especially when it’s someone else it’s happening to, you don’t necessarily know about all the things they’ve done. So you can only really reference what they may have done to you and therefore what happens to them. The best thing to do is really not to seek revenge when you’re mad, don’t do anything stupid that would incite the fairness of karma on you basically. But at the same point in time, karma can take a while. So just forget about it. If you wait for it, you’re a bit of a jerk, because you’re basically hoping for something bad to happen to another person. You’re a major jerk actually.
But when it does actually happen, and it always does, I would suggest more the road of feeling a certain empathy or sympathy for them. What they did to you usually sucks yes, and in certain cases you have every right to hate them. But do you really want that same thing to happen to them? I wouldn’t. If they did something to really hurt you, I’m not saying you should run back, be their friend, and say all is forgiven. There is a line between being a descent person and being a stupid person. Frankly, it is unfortunate that there are quite a few people that never connect the dots, and they never change. They just lament about all the bad things that have happened to them, never actually going into why it could have happened.
As for me, I’ve had only a select few bad roommates. Some of them it took some time, but we became friends again. We would never be roommates again for various reasons. But with those friends and sometimes with the others, I have seen them around or heard about them, and I have seen some of the things that have happened to them. One was particularly nasty, but was also my cousin. So there’s no real cutting them off permanently or anything unless it gets unbelievably bad. What happened to her, some of it had to do with the karma from what she did to me and some of it had to do with something else entirely, only some of which I fully understand. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t figured it out to this day. Because of that, I feel more sympathy for her, because she will keep doing these kinds of things to herself. But at the same point in time, I hope that one day it will change, and until then I guess I will continue to be there, because she is my cousin and we had basically been best friends since we were born, 2 weeks apart. But that is part of why I write this blog today, hoping that something will change for her.


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