I signed a DNR the other day, otherwise known as a do not rescussitate, actually I can’t figure out how to spell it right now, my brain’s a little fried.  But basically, it means that if you are in a major accident or something, they don’t get to go through all the procedures to bring you back to life, especially if you go brain dead. They don’t keep you on life support, they don’t do any of that stuff.  I mean if it’s totally doable, then do.  But if it’s not looking good, then it is what it is.  They say that you should let your family know when you sign one of these things, because otherwise you could be in a whole world of trouble when something happens and then they freak out and try to fight it.  But in a way, as long as I have witnesses and I was fully there, is there really anything they can do?


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