Things To Look For In A Man

There are a lot of things I want in a man. There are a few things that they say you should require a man, but there are a few more than I personally have. I don’t know that they’re needed. Some I could flex on if it was the right guy. But for example, if he couldn’t tolerate dogs, we’d have an issue. He doesn’t have to love them, though that would be preferable, but just be able to deal with them as I have two that I love like my kids. But here are the basics they say you need.
1. He knows what he wants
He is decisive, powerful, yet I assume not abusive or anything. He goes for what he wants and takes the initiative, which I can see their point on. One big part of this however is the idea that he does the things that are necessary to get what he wants instead of just floating around assuming that everything will come to him without him working for it.
2. He’s sunny
Now, I’m not always positive. So I don’t know how I can expect this. I’m cloudy, I like dark things in a way, I understand things that people suffer through. I have a sunny outlook at times. But if somebody always is sunny, you have to wonder what it is they’re hiding. You have to have normal emotions!
3. He’s open to changing for you
This goes both ways. You also have to be open to changing for him. But if he’s willing to change his ways for you, he’s willing to compromise. You can have a relationship, assuming of course that you are willing to compromise and possibly change yourself for him too. Now I like the idea of a guy that I can at least be okay with enough that I don’t feel any huge things that I need to change, and I don’t like to nit pick. The way I figure it, if you hate things he does and is that much, why exactly are you with him?
4. He’s still mysterious
If you know everything about a guy, it can get boring. And if he knows everything about you, he can get bored. So a little mystery never hurt anyone.
5. He’s responsible with money
I can be responsible with money. But at the same point in time, I know that most of the time I’m just not. So this is a big thing that really makes sense to me at least.


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