Prisoners of Birth

Sometimes I think we’re prisoners of birth. By this I mean we get no choice. We are born into certain financial circumstances, we are born into our genders or sexes, we are born into certain places, certain times, etc, and we become prisoners of birth. Granted, it’s now easier than it has ever been before to earn more money and make yourself another person. But at the same point, is it fair for some to have to do it while others don’t. And if you grow up in certain neighborhoods, because of your birth, you see a lot of things and go through a lot of things, growing up faster than another child in a different part of town might. But we don’t get the choice. We don’t say well I don’t feel like being born into that. It is all about our parents’ choices. And let’s face it, parents don’t have children to be great parents and take care of another human being. They have children to see a little mirror of themselves, to have someone that will love them regardless of what they do, at least in the beginning. Parenting is selfish just as we say choosing not to parent is selfish.


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