I’m Not Average

Why is it that men always buy every woman the same things! I mean they think we all want the exact same things! I really want to know why that is, because it’s annoying. It’s like in some sense, they know I’m not the average anything, and yet they insist upon treating me like some stupid little girl whenever they feel like it. They get all huffy about they can’t afford to buy me all these expensive things. Who asked?!?!?! I didn’t. I don’t want expensive things from a guy, I don’t care to get them. I don’t need a fancy ring, fancy jewelry all the time. I mean if I want a nice car or a nice this or a nice that, I will buy it for myself. And if the jewelry is extremely expensive, it scares me a little, and it seems tacky to me. And then they insist upon buying all these red and pink roses. Red roses are nice, but they’re so common, and unlike every apparently stupid little girl out there, I hate pink! It’s not so hard. I mean if they got me purple roses, they would be better than good, they would be seriously great, and they would be rewarded accordingly. But only one guy has ever figured that out. Why? He did it, because he liked to get me things or do things I actually liked. But that was only when he couldn’t get calla lilies, and he even got lotus’ once, fake ones, but lotus’ that you really don’t find at florists, which is why ya. But I just don’t understand why it is so hard to figure out that not all of us like the same stupid things.


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