I can’t say I ever liked unions.  I mean they had their time when the conditions were so bad and they lobbied for safer conditions, better work environments, etc.  They were great back then.  But now it seems that they have gone way too far and also gone into corruption and greed.  Now they have guys who have barely graduated high school or not graduated at all making more than many college graduates.  I’ve even heard figures as large as $80,000 a year.  I mean I’m all for people making a descent amount for manual labor, it’s hard.  I’m all about people being protected from losing their jobs when they get sick or not having to work in bad environments and so on.  But protecting a worker who is too lazy to do his job, because he has a union membership, that is too much.  Paying someone who might have graduated high school $80,000 a year for a manual labor job essentially, that is going too far and it is driving many companies under.  I mean honestly, there is a line.


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