stick With What You’re Good At

There’s that saying of “stick with what you’re good at.”  And for me, I find it ironic at times.  I have the tickets to prove that I am a perpetual speeder.  The largest one is pretty large, and the most common one is for going about 15 miles over marked as 9 so that they could have me do traffic school, which works for me.  It’s a vice, and it’s one that cops of course consider to be “dangerous.” 

But the irony of the situation is, and this is something that is somewhat unique to me, I’m not afraid of what I will to do other people in my car, but rather what they will do to me.  It sounds harsh, it sounds bad, but it’s true.  When I speed, they say it saves you only seconds.  They say going 10-15 miles over literally saves you seconds in the average commute.  But realistically, those seconds are all I need.  For me, those seconds make a substantial difference.  It’s luck, a curse, whatever you want to call it, but it happens.

When I go 10-15 over, I end up getting where I’m going.  Occasionally, I get pulled over and ticketed.  But I do that to myself.  So no big deal.  It sucks to pay the ticket, but that’s life right.  And really, all my tickets are for speeding.  But those seconds make all the difference for me.  When I speed, I may get a small ticket.  But those seconds are a big deal to me.  They take me seconds out of situations where I would’ve otherwise been possibly injured with my car definitely smashed.  They take me out of situations where I get stuck in a car pileup, where I get stuck in the areas with dirty cops who pick someone at random it seems.  So the way I figure it, I’ll take speeding.


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