Facebook Popularity

I just had about 20 different people add me on Facebook who I’ve either never met before in my life, don’t remember, or don’t really care to remember or know, though for some unfortunate reason, I remember them all too clearly at this time.  Some of them had mutual friends with me.  So I had to ask our mutual friend who the crap these people were, and some of them were explained to be little high school kids or college kids who were in some kind of contest with their friends, whether spoken or not, to get the most Facebook friends.  I am way too old for these things.

I mean that’s one of the few benefits of Twitter.  I think I like expressing myself in a few random words here and there.  But realistically, I figure if people find my random thoughts interesting, and sometimes there’s about 50 a day and sometimes there’s none, they can follow me and I don’t have to actively reject them or ignore them if I either don’t want to follow them or don’t want to be friends with them.  I just let them follow my random thoughts and reply to me in ways that I can read or not read.  Though I have blocked one person from following me, they don’t know I don’t think.

But seriously, with Facebook, it’s this huge popularity contest, and I just hate the fact that years later, when I would like to think of myself as an adult, I have to deal with random little kids in some kind of weird contest adding me as well as people who frankly made my life miserable in high school or at best had no idea who I was or at least acted like they didn’t.  I have too many friends to keep track of on that site as it is.  Why do I need more that I don’t recognize or don’t like?


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