I believe that soulmates exist, but not in the sense that Natasha Bedingfield talks about. I believe there is someone that you meet that you need. I believe that there is someone that you meet, feeling at that moment like you have known them forever. I believe that there is someone for everybody that turns into a special and exclusive type of friend, because that kind of friendship and understanding goes both ways. I believe they have a certain window into your soul that others really don’t, and so we can feel in some ways like it would be like the song. But from experience, I have found that it never works out like that. Sometimes they are the sex that you are not interested in, and in that case obviously you aren’t going to believe that you are in love with them, or at least not usually. But if they are the other type of sex, then you may mistake it for the person you want to marry. But eventually, it always works out that you don’t achieve that result, but rather a lifelong friendship that really is amazing nonetheless. It’s not like you are missing anything or losing anything. You are gaining something that is better with that particular person. But if one or both of you start out believe that, then it can hurt for a while when one of both of you figure it out, because it always hurts if you spend enough time under that belief. I could see how it would be easy to make that mistake, after all, I did. And it took me quite a while to get to the point where I was okay with it and where I realized how it was. During that time, we still remained friends, we were still always together, some people thought we should have been together together, and we still had something you really only find once in a lifetime. But we had figured out that being together was something that wasn’t meant to be.


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