Legal Pedophilia

I saw a while ago, a woman who went on national television basically to say that she had fallen in love with a 14 year old and he had fallen in love with her.  They had even gotten married, she homeschooled him herself, she “didn’t mind supporting him.”  They eventually got divorced.  But she thought he was her “soul mate.”  I’m sorry, but that’s called pedophilia, plain and simple, pedophilia.  Teachers get arrested every last time when they have sexual relations with students who are the same age when the teachers are actually younger.  And he was 14, so it means his parents actually gave consent for the marriage in the first place.  What is wrong with that kid’s parents!  When a 40 some odd woman wants to marry your 14 year old child or have sexual relations with your 14 year old child, what is wrong with you saying go for it!  But honestly, people have been arrested multiple times for the same thing, because it’s weird, it’s sick, it isn’t right.


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